Physical Address:

12325 W Shores Rd
Cass Lake, MN 56633

Mailing Address:

12299 West Shore Rd. NW
Cass Lake, MN 56633

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Otter Tail Peninsula Township was established in 1987 and is located within Cass County. The Township has a total area of 75.1  sq. miles of which 64.3 sq. miles is land and 10.8 sq. miles is water. Otter Tail Peninsula Township borders the North edge of Leech Lake,  the South edge of Lower Sucker Lake and encompasses Life Raft Lake.

Township Officers:

Holly Ash • Chairman • (Solid Waste / Town Hall / Health / Planning) • 218•244•7113
Frank Alianello • (Roads and Bridges) • 218•556•1533
Steve Jursa • Supervisor • (Fire / Zoning) • 408•888•0448
Kathy Lyness • Treasurer • 763•244•5845
Cindy Kessem • Clerk • 608 • 843 • 0731

Town Hall Rental:

The Otter Tail Peninsula Town Hall is available for use by residence and non-residents. Please contact Cindy @ 608-843-0731 for rental information.
Refundable deposit of $100 for residents or $150 for non-residents and completed application are required in advance of rental.
Inadequate cleaning after event will result in cleaning charges at $35/hour, minimum of 2 hours, applied against deposit. Additional amount will be payable if cleaning charges exceed the deposit.

Meeting Times & Dates:


All meetings held at Otter Tail Peninsula Town Hall.


Regular meetings are held the second Monday of each month unless noted otherwise.

2024 / 2025
January Audit and Regular Monthly Meeting 01/08/2024 @ 6 PM
February Regular Monthly Meeting 02/12/2024 @ 6 PM
March Regular Monthly Meeting 03/11/2024 @ 6 PM
March Annual Meeting (Tuesday) 03/12/2024 @ 6 PM
April Regular Monthly Meeting 04/08/2024 @ 6 PM
May Road Inspection Tour 05/13/2024 @ 5 PM
May Regular Monthly Meeting 05/13/2024 @ 6 PM
June Regular Monthly Meeting 06/10/2024 @ 6 PM
July Regular Monthly Meeting 07/08/2024 @ 6 PM
August Regular Monthly Meeting 08/12/2024 @ 6 PM
September Regular Monthly Meeting 09/09/2024 @ 6 PM
October Regular Monthly Meeting (Tuesday) 10/15/2024 @ 6 PM
November Regular Monthly Meeting (Tuesday) 11/12/2024 @ 6 PM
December Regular Monthly Meeting 12/09/2024 @ 6 PM
January Regular Monthly Meeting 01/13/2025 @ 6 PM
February Regular Monthly Meeting 02/10/2025 @ 6 PM

 Meeting Minutes:

To request a copy of meeting minutes please contact our Clerk, Cindy @ 608-843-0731.

Burning Permits:

CHECK FOR BURNING PERMIT RESTRICTIONS ON EVERY BURN EVENT! PLEASE BE SURE TO KNOW THE RULES! Permitting is dependent on seasonal and weather conditions. Property owners should contact local DNR before attempting any type of burn. We have a Fire Warden within our Township, Frank Alianello @ 218-556-1533 to obtain burning permits. Burning without a permit is a misdemeanor offense.

Trash Compactor:

Garbage Notice

Located in the parking lot of our Town Hall, we have a trash compactor available for use by our Township residents ONLY. The compactor is for disposal of HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE ONLY.


  • Asbestos
  • LED/Florescent Light Bulbs
  • Appliances
  • E-Waste (anything with a circuit board)
  • Ballasts
  • Any type of Chemicals/Free Liquids/Oil
  • Tires/wheels
  • Liquid paint
  • Large pieces of scrap metal
  • Dirt/Yard waste
  • Demolition debris
  • Concrete
  • Lithium/Lead Acid batteries
  • Furniture
  • Hoses/Wire
  • Any non-burnable waste
  • Large plastic items: Garbage cans, toys, pails, etc.
  • Tarps/plastic sheeting

You will need to contact Cindy @ 608 • 843 • 0731, to obtain a key in order to have access to the compactor. Our residents are very conscientious about the cleanliness of our township. We are very strict about following the rules of only household garbage inside the compactor and nothing left outside the compactor.

Recycle Bins:

Close to the compactor in our Town Hall parking lot we have two recycling bins. A blue bin for commingled recyclables and a white bin for mixed paper recycling. It is very important to follow the rules of what is permitted in each bin and to dispose into bins appropriately. Items cannot be contained within any form of plastic bag when placed into a recycling bin. We do not permit anything left outside of the bins.

White Goods:

**This service is provided for items from your Otter Tail Peninsula Township property. NOT for items brought from any other properties you may own.

Proof of residency is required to be approved to dispose of items.

Each July we designate a day and specific hours that roll-offs will be available at the Town Hall for white goods disposal by Otter Tail Peninsula Township residents. A letter is sent out each June listing the date, available hours and items that are allowed and not allowed for disposal at the event. During the available hours, volunteers are present to instruct you on what items go into each designated roll-off. Items must be separated as directed by our solid waste company in order for us to continue to provide this service to our residents.

The 2024 White Goods Dates will be Fri. 7/12, 6 – 8pm and Sat. 7/13, 8 – 10am. You are responsible for unloading your own items. A volunteer will be there to direct how items should be sorted.